Now you can get the Faith Center for the Arts experience in our new 10-week Studio Classes which meet during the after-school hours of late afternoon and evening (4 pm – 9:30 pm), once a week.

We created these acting, dance, and film classes especially for those families who want to schedule their children’s arts lessons in 10-week increments. We offer our Studio Classes in trimesters – Fall 2017, Winter 2018, and Spring 2018.

Our Studio Classes are small group lessons of 15 or fewer students, with various age-specific classes for ages 5 to 18. Each weekly class is 45 minutes to one hour and 15 minutes long. The Fall 2017 Trimester runs from the week of September 12, 2017 through the week ending November 17, 2017.

Join us at any of our 3 Studio Classes locations –

  • Hackettstown (Warren County, NJ) – on Tuesdays
  • Zarephath (Somerset County, NJ) – on Thursdays
  • Oak Ridge (Morris County, NJ) – on Fridays

All of our acting, dance, and filmmaking classes are taught by our experienced teachers who not only hold degrees in their respective fields, but who are also committed to encouraging and cultivating your child’s creative talents.

At Faith Center for the Arts, we seek to create a supportive, nurturing community where students feel safe to explore their talents and develop their artistic potential.

As a non-profit, we strive to offer all of our programs at rates that are affordable for most families. Studio Classes are $215 for the 10-week session, with a 10% discount for those families who register for more than one class (either for the same student or a sibling), plus a $25 registration fee.

(There’s an additional discount for families who have a Faith Center for the Arts Membership Package, which usually applies to families whose children are taking 3+ classes each.)

Our Fall 2017 Trimester Studio Class offerings are:


  • Acting Fundamentals I – for ages 10-13
  • Improvisation 101 – for ages 13-18
  • Stage Movement Intro – for ages 7-12
  • Stage Movement Advanced – for ages 13-18


  • Introduction to Dance – for ages 5-7
  • Ballet Technique – for ages 8-18
  • Musical Theater Jazz for the Actor – for ages 13-18 (Zarephath/Somerset County location only)


  • The Filmmaking Process – for ages 10-12

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  • Acting Fundamentals Ifor ages 10-13 – Students will learn how to use acting tools to express ideas, create characters, and tell stories.  Along the way they will build confidence, foster creativity, and take the stage with gusto!
  • Improvisation 101for ages 13-18 – In addition to learning how to successfully play professional-style improv games, students will also develop better communication, concentration, and quick-thinking skills on and off the stage. The class will also teach creative thinking, public speaking, listening, eye contact, and teamwork.
  • Stage Movement Introfor ages 7-12 – Students will explore how to use their whole body kinesthetically to convey meaning and portray emotion.  Through exercises, scene work, and exploration, students will learn how every step they take on stage sends a message!
  • Stage Movement Advanced – for ages 13-18 – This class will delve deeper into the effects of an actor’s movements on the stage. Students will learn how to refine their movements to deeply portray different emotions, personalities, and objectives.


  • Introduction to Dancefor ages 5-7 – This class is designed as an introduction to dance and creative movement. The techniques of ballet will be introduced in a non-pressured environment. This class is designed to enhance the student’s enjoyment of dance as well as to prepare them for more formal dance training.
  • Ballet Techniquefor ages 8-18 – This Dance class will focus on the proper techniques of ballet.  For the more committed dancer, this class will focus on the proper form, alignment, and study of the ballet art form.  Since ballet is the foundation for any style of dance, this is a great class to work on improving technique and solidifying groundwork to make a more versatile dancer.
  • Musical Theater Jazz for the Actor – for ages 13-18 (Zarephath/Somerset County location only) – This class is perfect for the teen musical theatre actor.  It will focus on the basic steps frequently used in a musical theatre environment.  It will develop the student’s ability to learn these on-stage dance combinations quickly. It will also build the student’s confidence for future dance auditions for school musicals and community theatre.


  • The Filmmaking Processfor ages 10-12 – This class offers the student a hands-on experience with the various aspects of the art of filmmaking. Students will obtain a basic understanding of cinematography, lighting, sound, and story structure. By the end of the session, students will have created a short film that will be showcased to parents and guests.


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