When you started homeschooling, what was the first thing people asked? Ok, after they asked about socialization and your child being weird? Your neighbors, family, and friends probably started asking about high school and college. How will you teach algebra? What about chemistry lab? Don’t you want your child to go to college? Even if your child was only five, these questions may have made you nervous. However there is no reason to fear homeschooling college bound, high school students!

Homeschooling High School Advice

The usual questions do very little to prepare you for this monumental task. They may even keep creeping into your head and make you wonder if you really can homeschool high school successfully. How will you know if you are making the correct choices? What about transcripts?

What you need right now is advice, not questions. Homeschooling high school for a college bound student is not that much different than home education in the younger years. At the same time, it is a whole new world. That’s why we wanted to introduce you to Betsy Sproger’s book, Homeschooling High School with College in Mind

Why You Need a Plan to Get to College

You can homeschool college bound, high school students. The most important thing you need is a plan. Betsy lays out the choices, planning, and preparation needed to succeed. Her book walks you through choosing curriculum, planning electives, and preparing your student for college and career. In an easy to follow, step by step manner, Betsy teaches you everything you need to know to guide you homeschool high school student to college. These are proven techniques that she used with her own daughter. Now, Betsy is on a mission to help other parents give their children amazing educations with limitless futures.

Homeschooling College Bound does not mean Limited Choices

You may think that homeschooling college bound, high school students means replicating public school exactly. However, that is not true, and this book shows you why. Homeschooling through high school provides amazing opportunities that will not only help your child get into college, but succeed in life. There is not one size fits all. High school can be what you make it, if you start with a focused plan and keep your eye on the college ball. Knowing how to invest time and money into your student’s talents and strengths, while meeting college acceptance expectation, is golden.

Get Organized with the Best Homeschool to College Resources

Not only does Betsy walk you through the high school education process, she details the entire transition to college. Plus, she includes the best high school homeschooling resources around. Get yourself organized and have all the tools you need right at your fingertips. Thank you, Betsy Sproger, for sharing this amazing resource with us. We hope that it will help other families to navigate these sometimes confusing times of preparing for college while home educating.

If you would like to learn more about  Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, please check out the Amazon listing or visit Betsy’s homepage.