Dance Overview

Open to students beginning at age 6, no previous experience is required.  Dance instruction is available for beginning through advanced dancers.

It is the intention of Faith Center that students who participate in our dance programs will develop a lifelong love for dance and their craft, an appreciation and discernment for great artistic dancing, and that through the disciplines of their study become the whole person that God created them to be.

Dance Program Objectives

  1. Students will learn the fundamentals of dance through the study of classic and modern movement vocabulary, core combinations, improvisation techniques, and dance terminology.
  2. Students will appreciate and develop a dancer’s use of the body. This includes the use of warm up and other exercises designed to enhance the student’s alignment, range of motion, flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination.
  3. Students will acquire and apply an understanding of the basic principles of dance and choreography. These include the use of space, time, gravity, dynamics, initiators of movement, and focus.
  4. Students will understand and experience the role of dance in Christian worship and ministry.

Dance Instructors

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