Zach was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two.School was stressful for Zach and he had difficulty fitting in.  Because Faith Center was available to his family, his parents were comfortable making the decision to homeschool.   

Learning was also difficult for Zach, but at Faith Center he was able to take advantage of the full program.  He played trombone, and his confidence soared.  Music Theory taught him to write music and to understand the fundamentals of what he was playing.  Choir helped Zach to confidently praise the Lord with his voice and Drama taught him to laugh.  

Zachary graduated two years ago and he continues to participate at Faith Center as an alumni. He has grown into a God-honoring young man who has used his musical talent in a variety of places.  He was finally able to be relax, pay attention to what the Lord wanted him to be, and most of all laugh at some of the things  life throws at us.