Over the past few decades, arts education has slowly been pushed out of many schools. Budget cuts and a greater focus on the sciences and technology has meant that once burgeoning arts programs have all but disappeared from the education system. This has led to people seeing the arts as a fun pastime or optional. The value of an arts education has been forgotten. 

Fine Arts Education in Our Homes and Schools

Why do we need arts education in our schools and our communities? The arts are the building blocks of culture. They celebrate the past and demonstrate the collective values of our society. Arts are a cornerstone, not just something fun to do.

Without arts education, children do not learn how to express themselves. Self-expression is the birthplace of new ideas. It is also how we connect to others. Those connections foster emotions, heal wounds, and inspire ingenuity. 

Creating Community and Masterpieces

The arts are how we exercise our God-given ability to create. They are what makes us individuals. Every creation, big or small, helps build our community. It isn’t only the masterpieces hanging in museums. The simple act of creating is the building block of culture. It’s what moves us forward, and keeps us together.

A fine arts education provides so many benefits. In a world that has gone STEM crazy, these are three benefits that are not only overlooked, but essential to success in the sciences and technology. The arts teach us what it means to be fully human. 

Born to Create

We are born to create. The ability is within each of us. We only need the tools and skills to accomplish that mission. Each of us begins as a consumer of art. We take in the world around us, through music, theatrical performance, cultural dance, and visual art. Every experience has a creative component. It is impossible to escape it. Our world depends upon others being able to create so that we can consume their work.

However, we were never meant to stop there. Faith Center’s mission is to move students from consumers to creators that will help shape the world of the future. Through their artistic skills and performances, they will spread light to a desperate world. That’s what developing the heart of the artist does. It lifts the ideas of inspiration into reality. An arts education is the first step in this process.

How will you inspire the future through the arts?