When life gives you lemons, you need to make lemonade! You have probably been hearing that quite often, lately. It is true, though. These past couple months have been a change for everyone. However, in the uncertainty and challenge, we have known that God is in charge no matter what. So instead of accepting defeat, we have risen victoriously in His Name. Faith Center for the Arts continues to develop the heart of the artist, despite the quarantine!

Serving Families at Home

In case you didn’t realize, life changed dramatically at record speed. Faith Center rose to the challenge. When it became obvious that all six centers would be closing for the foreseeable future, plans were quickly put into motion. Six thriving centers moved online to continue to serve families during an unprecedented crisis. Through recorded classes, Google Classrooms, and amazing assignments, Faith Center became a completely virtual community.

To say the teachers have been creative is a vast understatement. It has been a labor of love. We truly miss our community gathering, but are blown away by the ingenuity, creativity, and flexibility of families, staff, and teachers.

Creative Ways to Teach Fine Arts at Home

You never know what you can do until you are forced to do it. Apparently, Faith Center families and teachers are capable of absolutely remarkable feats! Here’s some highlights of the past couple months.

Drama students tried their hand at voice overs. After attending a recorded class with a professional voice over artist, the students went to work creating their characters, practicing their voice techniques, and then crafting their videos. Drama has also been working on stage makeup techniques, and sound effects.

Private cello lesson via video chat

Instrumental lessons had a very different look, but music continues to fill the air. From flute, clarinet, and trombone to cello, guitar, and accordion Faith Center musicians haven’t missed a beat. Speaking of beats, Mrs. Briggs played an entire flute quartet herself. It’s true! It was all part of the innovative way spring concerts will be presented. You can have a listen to this amazing feat below. (The strong beat is a metronome used to align the different pieces from each player. Once the project is finished, that guide will be removed.)

Shenandoah – Recording of Mrs. Briggs

Young Artists Creating Masterpieces

Art classes moved to the small screen with video courses that instructed and inspired young artists. Our art teachers pulled out all the stops to develop projects and instruction for students to complete at home. More than a simple art class, these virtual lessons gave students a connection to the community that missed. Photos of students working and finished projects have poured in. Here are just a few of the ones we have received.

Family Dance Lessons at Home

What are the dance students doing? Well, they are not just sitting by watching everyone create, that is for sure. Through online meetings, recorded classes, and incredibly supportive teachers, dance students have been rocking their world at home. Each students choreographed their own dance, using locations and furniture in their home as props. Some even got their family involved and became teachers themselves.

Getting Ready for the Future

Lessons aren’t the only thing that has moved online. Since our open house events were canceled, we had to get creative. Open houses provide a vital link to prospective and new families. So, we moved our open house events online. This enables us to meet with families from all over, from the comfort of their home.  Things may be different around Faith Center, one thing will never change! We will never stop giving God all the glory while serving families in our communities.

Would you like to attend a virtual open house? Then, sign up at this link. Can’t wait to see you there.