The Faith Center welcomes families and offers courses for children of every age through high school.  Family Membership is the most cost-effective way to enroll in the Homeschool program.

As a non-profit, we structure our tuition so that it is affordable for most families. Our program is set up so that with a Membership Package (which has additional discounts for multiple children), and includes 3 classes (plus an ensemble/band class when enrolling in an instrument class) for EACH child.

Family Membership Benefits:

  • The first 3 classes per student are included in membership.
  • Additional full-year classes cost $99 during the original registration period and then $149 after original registration period.

Tuition Rates for 2019-2020:

  • for a 1-child family – $898
  • for a 2-child family – $1,357
  • for a 3-child family – $1,739
  • for a 4-child family – $2,038
  • and for a 5+-child family $2,268

There is a facility fee of $119 per membership.

View all membership pricing and packages here (filter for your location)

Note: Membership is not required to enroll. Individual courses will cost $592 per class.