Program Overview

Our Music Electives Program currently includes Music Theory, Electronic Music, Music Composition, Worship Leadership and Worship Band

Music Theory: For students ages 14 and up.  Music Theory is a two-year curriculum that rotates every year. Students will gain an understanding of basic music theory including but not limited to: major and minor scales, the circle of fifths, sight singing, rhythmic dictation, and elementary harmony. Students are expected to create a portfolio of their work, which will be used to assess student progress. At the completion of the two year Music Theory program, students will write an original melody and harmonize it for four-part choir utilizing correct four-part writing rules.

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Electronic Music: Open to students ages 13 and up with at least three years of experience playing an instrument and/or have successfully completed Music Theory I. Class encompasses a detailed study of the various aspects of electronic music composition, focusing on writing and recording utilizing MIDI applications, sampling, and music notation software. Student work will be featured in the spring.

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Music Composition: TBA

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Worship Leadership: For students ages 14 and over.  This class will cover the biblical principals of corporate worship in the christian church.   Students will work to build a biblical definition of the corporate worship event, discover the worship vocabulary of the both the Old and New Testaments, experience how the biblical names of God impact our worship, and study models of worship from the bible.   Students will prepare and lead the “Heart of the Artist Worship” events planned for the Faith Center Family.

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Worship Band: For to students ages 13 and up.

Participation in Worship Band is by audition only; auditions will be held during the first two weeks of classes. Students interested in auditioning should enroll in the course. Worship Band will focus on music written for public worship in the Christian Church with a focus on historical roots and contemporary styles. Students will develop their “band skills” including tuning, timing, and playing in the groove, among others. Under the guidance of Psalm 78:72, students will begin to discern the Biblical truths of the music and will learn to communicate those truths to others with “integrity of heart and skillful hands.”

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