Enrollment Instructions – Homeschool Program

Step 1 – Prepare

  1. View the Daily Class Schedule for your preferred location to identify which classes you would like to have your child attend
  2. You may want to gather information about each class category prior to enrollment [Class Categories are listed on the right side of the page.]
  3. You are almost ready to begin the enrollment process via Active Net, our online registration system! It’s a good idea visit ActiveNet  to get specific details about each class. You should use the Daily Class Schedule and the ActiveNet search functions to view and plan your classes.
  4. Once you are in ActiveNet you will need to sign up or login to your account  [Note: if you are a returning Faith Center family use “forgot password” to reset your password]
  5. Verify your account information, ESPECIALLY all birthdates as this will affect classes you are able to register for. Once you have verified your information you are ready to begin the enrollment process.

Step 2 – Purchase a Membership

  1.  Click on the “Memberships” tab within the top menu to continue.  You will need to purchase your Membership for the three classes/package price before enrolling in classes.
  2.  From the Membership Search page, select the membership package for the number of children you are enrolling (i.e. select ‘2018-2019 4 Students Membership – Randolph’ if you have four children enrolling in Faith Center at the Randolph location).
  3. Add the membership package to your cart [Note: You will select your classes later]
  4. Click the “Check out” button
  5. Payment information you should know:
    1. There will be a $100 payment due at this time to reserve your selected classes
    2. You can choose to defer your balance to a 10-month payment plan
    3. Your first payment is due August 15th
    4. To receive a 3% discount on tuition fees select the 10-month payment plan, mail a check to Faith Center prior to July 15 for your remaining balance of tuition less 3%
    5. You may mail your payment to Faith Center at: PO Box 713, Wharton, NJ 07885

Step 3 – Select Your Classes

Important Note: You MUST select your 1-3 membership classes from the Family Member Class List in order to receive the Membership Discount. If you add classes ‘a la carte’, you will incur the full cost of the class.

  1.  Select “Members Only Class Lists” from the Classes drop down menu.
  2.  Select the age appropriate class list for your child.
  3. You MUST click “Add to Cart” but there is no check out necessary at this time
  4. Select your classes on the next page – be sure to select the correct location!  [Please note: all students registered for instrumental group and/or vocal lessons will automatically be registered for the accompanying combo class as well. Check the class description for more details.]
  5.  When you have finished selecting your child’s classes click “next”
  6. Follow the instructions
  7. To select classes for additional children click ”Add to Cart and Continue Shopping”
  8. Repeat the process above for each child
  9. To select additional classes for your children click “Add to Cart and Continue Shopping” OR Click “Proceed to Check Out”.  Any added class fees may be paid at this time or added to your payment plan.
  10. When you are finished checking out please go to “My Account” to double check your registrations

For registration assistance: call 973-252-5043 or email maestro@faithcenterarts.org