Matthew was shy, but extremely artistically gifted. Unfortunately this combination caused him to experience some difficulties from other children who did not understand or enjoy the arts.  Dawn, Matts mother, hoped that her son would feel more comfortable and be better accepted by his peers if he was surrounded by others who shared his passions.  

Hear Matt share the story in his own words:

Although Matt began at Faith Center as a shy boy, one would never believe that by meeting him now.  The classes that Matt took at Faith Center helped him to overcome his shyness. He found so many uplifting friends within the Faith Center community who helped him to build confidence in himself, and more importantly, in Christ.  Taking him under their wings, his teachers showed immense support for Matt.  Although involved in many outside theater productions, Matt has not received the same level of personalized education anywhere else.   

Using his newfound confidence and talents, Matt participated in over 30 musical theater shows outside of Faith Center, in addition to the numerous productions at Faith Center.  Matt also sings in the Paper Mill Playhouse Broadway Show Choir.  Through each performance he is learning the value of character building, both on and off stage. The songs and pieces he studies bring him back to the Word of God and help him place Christ in the center of his work.

Matt shared his teachers love and passion for the arts, and Matt is now certain that this too is his calling.  One only has to watch Matt act, or listen to him sing to realize that you are in the presence of a truly talented and gifted young man.  Arguably even greater than his talent, though, are his humility, kindness, and faithfulness; qualities nurtured and fostered by his involvement with Faith Center.